How is Artificial Intelligence impacting Digital Marketing?

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is not limited to the world of IT, but digital marketers and innovators are increasing. It is evident from a survey that included over 1,600 digital marketing professionals out of which 61% cited that AI and machine learning will be used for data analysis in the coming years. Owing to this trend Virginia digital marketing companies and the likes elsewhere have started using these two technologies in their marketing efforts.

As the amount of consumer data keeps on growing, IT related techniques will significantly affect the digital marketing solutions offered by digital marketing agencies. But how will this become possible? Read on to know.

Predictive Analysis

The predictive analysis takes in use the data and techniques of machine learning techniques to predict the probability of a future event. This model can be used in various areas including marketing. By predictive analysis, it becomes easier to predict the possibility of a prospect turning into a client. Not only this, but the predictive analysis also helps brands to predict the behavior of the consumer and the stimuli to make a purchase.

Digital Advertising

So far, digital advertising has adopted the technique of artificial advertising most successfully. Google ads and Facebook are already using AI to look for people who are more likely to take the desired action. Brands analyze the information updated by the users of these social media channels like what they like, where they reside, etc. to spot the ideal audience for the brand.

Google AdWords has adopted machine learning and AI through an automated auction-based system that allows advertisers to bid for the lowest CPC plan.

Content Curation

The most significant advantage AI and machine learning have on content development are that it not only can generate content but also curate it. Content curated by AI has a considerable potential to initiate the conversation between the brand and its consumers while offering them relevant and customized content.  Digital innovators are using the power of AI to create a personalized content recommendation to entice their interest in certain products. For instance, Netflix gives the recommendation of movies and TV serials based on the history of the viewers.

Email Marketing

Businesses are exploring the power of AI and Machine Learning for created personalized emailers and e-mail marketing campaigns. These campaigns and strategies are formulated based upon the consumers’ behaviors and their preferences. Offering personalized emailers facilitates a better connection between the brand and its consumers. It is a very effective way to turn a prospective visitor into a consumer.

Further, with the help of machine learning, brands can quickly analyze and process endless numbers of data. This data analysis helps brands determine the best time and day to contact the users. It also helps businesses figure out how frequently should they send out the message, what language will attract the readers the most and the triggers that will make the consumers open and read the mail.

Since with the standard A/B testing, there are several possibilities of error; here AI can help brands curate personalized email content.